FSU’s Bowden still receives loyal fan support

The city of Tallahassee is stockpiled with political figures and state affairs, but arguably the most renown public figure in the capital city is the leader of “the Seminole Nation”, Coach Bobby Bowden. Bowden’s impact on the fabric of the Tallahassee community has reached unparallel levels, as a result of the recent controversies surrounding him. FSU/FAMU co-op student Faran Foy said, “Personally I love Bobby and I hope he stays as long as he can. He’s been a true turnaround for the school and just because he’s having a bad season he shouldn’t have to leave. I feel as though it’s causing a controversy in the fanship, but I feel as a team we can get over it.” The “Bowden Saga”, as it has been recently coined, far exceeds the gridiron as generations of Floridians have united in passionate expressions of loyalty towards this iconic figure. Saturday night Doak Campbell stadium was virtually a “Pro Bowden Rally” as the situation has crossed over from the pig-skin, to the public. Bowden is no longer merely a man, but is now a movement. The coach simply had this to say after Saturday’s game regarding the chaos surrounding him; “Back in August I always give my, “what it takes to win”, and one of them is you must win the close games.” Bowden has spent 30-plus years helping put the state of Florida sports on the map. His legacy is steadily being written across the land. Coach Bowden’s impact on this community has withstood the test of time. He will continue to patrol the sidelines until the end of this season. After which, a decision on his future will be made, as the entire country awaits.