Homecoming celebration gets mixed reviews

Freshman View
The spirit, the pride, the celebrities, it’s Homecoming 2009!
As a freshman, it’s hard to restrain my excitement. But I can’t help but wonder, how is our campus going to accommodate all the visitors and where do they plan to park?
Marion Kelly II, 18, a first-year accounting student from Charleston, S.C., said that he has heard from upperclassmen around campus that homecoming is a huge deal.
Homecoming is one of the biggest events at Florida A&M. It is a time for all of the [alumni] to come to Tallahassee to enjoy the festivities. However, I have also heard [that on] the negative side, students attend more parties than class,” Kelly said.
We hear stories about the packed parties, the step shows and the concert, which features a great selection of entertainers.
 As the newest class, we try to grasp the meaning of homecoming based on what others have told us. The anticipation became even greater when I realized, for the first time in my academic history, professors cancelled classes in order to give us time to experience the homecoming events.
Everyone says that it is 10 times better than what I could ever imagine. Everyday there are various events to attend–from the Snake Walk, to the Black Entertainment Television College Tour, to the game at Bragg stadium and the parties that follow.
When you walk into the dorms, students are talking about what they will be wearing and what events they will attend. Many of my fellow peers are looking forward to the National Pan-Hellenic step show and the football game.
Shamair Green, 17, a first-year nursing student from Hollywood, Fla., said, “This is the week everyone has been waiting for, the most anticipated week.”
It is weird to think that all of the hours spent practicing for the step show and the fashion show amounts to this week.
We cannot help but wonder if it is going to be as good as everyone claims it will be. But no matter what, you can surely count on the class of 2013 to show up, show out and show our support for our school.
Senior View

 I’m not as anxious about homecoming this year as I was a couple of years ago. I have been attending homecoming festivities since my junior year in high school, and now, I have exhausted myself.   

Like many seniors, my attitudes about homecoming have gone from extreme excitement to less than enthused. 
“I’m not really excited about the homecoming game. I’ve been here for a while, so it’s the same old thing to me,” said Ashley Brown, 22, a fourth-year healthcare management student from Jacksonville. 
As for myself, I usually pass on going to the homecoming game, but others take pride in the tradition.
“Homecoming is fun because it is a good time to hang out with your friends and celebrate,” said DeUnique Gant, 22, a fourth-year biology student from Gary, Ind.
I can remember sharing that same homecoming excitement with my high school friends just a few years ago.
But two years after I was accepted as an undergrad, the calls stopped coming in from my girlfriends about homecoming.  The thrill was gone. 
“Homecoming is a bit played,” said Leona Bullard, 24, a fourth-year health science and physical therapy student from Miami. “I’m too old for that.  The only reason I’ll go to the game is to take my cousin, who is a freshman, but I’m looking forward to FAMU’s win.” 
Shane Williams, 22, a fourth-year political science student from Fort Lauderdale said, “When I was a freshman I loved homecoming, but now it’s just another game, another week.” 
Although seniors disagree about going to the homecoming game, we agree on the subject of going to homecoming events and hitting the club scene.
I didn’t know what I should do for homecoming this year, so I got some ideas from other seniors.
Gant did not get tickets for the club in advance, but she did RSVP on Facebook for the Crown Royal and Cîroc homecoming parties.
Many students are anticipating the use of the new multipurpose center.
Like me, Gant could care less about the homecoming concert. 
“I’m over the concerts.  Besides, I don’t like this year’s performers and the tickets cost too much for me,” Gant said.
Gucci Maine not performing at the homecoming concert is no reason to deter some seniors and alumni from attending.  
This year, we seniors are leaving the dorm step shows to “wet behind the ears” freshmen and keeping the homecoming nightlife for ourselves.  

This year, we are content in our homecoming senioritis.   


Go Rattlers!