20 Questions: Homecoming Edition


1.      It’s Homecoming 2009! How do you feel?

2.      What are you most looking forward to in this year’s events?

3.      Are you going to all your classes this week?

4.      So, Beyonce may be preggers?

5.      And Mariah too? Ok, cougar.

6.      Could Kimora Lee Simmons be pregnant again? Why are all these older ladies getting with child?

7.      Didn’t the sudden change in weather catch you off guard?

8.      Are you going to the homecoming concert?

9.      And why would our student body representatives choose artists top perform that are on probation?

10.   Is Plies going to “rap” about something other than sex? There’s always clothes and money, right?

11.    What parties are you going to this weekend? Be safe, don’t drink and drive.
12.    What are you expecting from this year’s fashion show?

13.    Did you sacrifice your rent money for an outfit, just for homecoming? Prioritize people.

14.    Are you going to see Gym Class Heroes, Pitball and Wale on Sunday?

15.    Is Cassie dating Diddy or what? (Shaking my head at those two).

16.    Are you looking forward to all the vendors at Bragg come Saturday? Don’t let them bamboozle you out of your money.

17.    There are at least ten parties this weekend. Which ones are you going to?

18.    The orange and green flags decorating campus are great for homecoming. But don’t you wish they didn’t stay up until February?

19.    Do you think ________ deserved to win the dorm stepshow?
20.   Are you following @TheFamuan on Twitter yet?