Twerk Team sets bad example for younger children

Unlike the other editorial, this opinion piece is not to invite the vivacious young ladies to my graduation party. After I did my research on who the girls were, I did not like what I saw because it was disrespectful and tasteless. Not just to me, but for themselves and so many other black women.

 According to the trio’s official Myspace page and their individual Myspace pages, these girls are 19-years-old. Some people might argue that they’re adults and some women do worst like stripping and pornography.

But let’s go a little deeper. The group’s self-proclaimed leader is Mizz Twerksum. According to her Myspace page, the Twerk Team was established in 2005, making these ladies 14-years-old when they first started. Is anyone else upset about this yet? No? Well would it upset some to know that Mizz Twerksum’s mom is manager of the butt-bouncing group?

Now, where do I begin on this group? Should I begin with the mom/manager for supporting their lewd public acts at such a young age? Or the fact that these girls are setting a terrible example for our younger children?

It truly hurts me to witness how these young ladies are living their lives. These beautiful black queens are solely on a mission to drop it like it’s hot at as many venues as possible.

I only saw two videos on Youtube and one was too many. The first was the three girls standing on a table popping their butt while wearing practically nothing. In the video, the majority of the audience was black males cheering and yelling as if they were at an overcrowded bachelor party. One male attempted to get on the table with the girls until security stopped them. Worst part, it looked like a high school setting.  

The second video was of the girls dancing to Yo Gotti’s song “Five Star B****,” so not only are these ladies dancing like strippers but they also dance to music that calls women b****es.

The Twerk Team’s Web site, which is under construction, states their purpose for Twerking: “To have fun! We Twerk because that’s what we do and that’s that.” Further more, their Myspace page states that if you find yourself thinking negative about the movement or the group members, keep your comments to yourself.

Well, Twerk Team, just like you three put your rear ends out there for everyone to see, I openly put my negative opinion about your group for everyone to see.

 People will think what they want and assume what you are from the examples that you give. The examples that you all are giving out right now are that of a young stripper.

In their blog videos on Youtube, the young girls talk about how money is important and how they’re getting it through twerking.

Although I won’t be inviting the Twerk Team to my graduation party, I would love to invite them to Florida A&M University to quit doing what they’re doing and focus on getting an education.


Matthew Richardson is a senior newspaper journalism student from Jacksonville. He can be reached at