Woman shoots, kills husband

R. Kelly definitely said it best.

“When a woman’s fed up, it ain’t nothing you can do about it.”

On Wednesday, Ericka McElroy shot and killed her husband in the garage of their Las Vegas home.

He had been abusing her for the past 10 years of their lives together.

According to an article on CNN, she was charged with murder after she called the police to report her own shooting.

The shooting was the result of a fight that started when her husband Shane came home drunk and accused her of infidelity, as mentioned in the police report.

She went into the garage in an effort to smoke a cigarette and he followed right behind her with a bottle of Vodka and a shotgun.

At one point he leaned his head against hers and then pointed the gun at his head and asked if he should kill both of them.

She was finally able to get him to put the gun down and then grabbed it and aimed at him.

She initially ordered him to leave but in fear of him snatching the gun back and shooting her, she acted first and pulled the trigger.

Not to say that Shane deserved it, because no one deserves to die, but his cause of death is justifiable.

According to findcouseling.com, two to four million women are assaulted by a domestic partner every year.

And because of different circumstances, some women stay in the relationship and endure the suffering.

All you little Ike Turners out there, you’d better realize that your significant other is not also your personal punching bag. 

Every person has their limit, and when reached, you never truly know what they are capable of.

Skyy Sandifer for the Editorial Board.