10 ways you know you’re broke

1. You consider Instant Noodles a delicacy.

2. You’re able to make 20 dollars last a full seven days.

3. If you know how to restore your own utilities, after they’ve been cut -off.

4. You break in to random song and dance after realizing, you DO have enough quarters to wash clothes.

5. If you can’t afford the extra .27 cent nugget sauce at McDonalds.

6. The only incentive for cleaning out your car is to find loose change.

7. You were ecstatic when McDonald’s finally added an extensive dollar menu.

8. You know where to get the ‘hook-up’ for just about anything.

9. You think using Febreze on clothes is a proper substitute for a full cycle in the washing machine.

10. You order things off the dollar menu by saying, “I want the dollar fries” as if the employee is unaware of prices.