The FBS Challenge- Live Blog

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Well according to the game clock we’re about 15 minutes from kickoff.  I’m going to say before the game even starts that I am impressed with the Florida A&M University turnout.  The Miami fans are looking at me like I am completely insane, but it is pretty nice to run into the occasional Rattler.

(On a side note, the announcer for Miami’s band decided that “Miami” is spelled with only one “m.”)


FAMU won the toss.  Leroy Vann will give the Rattlers their first chance to get to know the Hurricanes.


Who says we can’t hang?  A 9 play, 85 yard and 4:44 drive and we’re on the board.  Rattlers strike first and lead 3-0.  It started with a Curtis Pulley pass to receiver Adrian Smith for 26 yards.  It ended with Pulley almost being picked in the red zone.  For the most part, a great first possesion, that now has to be followed with even better defense.


Remember what I said about great defense?  I meant to say prepared special teams.  Following the field goal FAMU allowed a huge run back, and then tacked on an extra 15 yards with a personal foul.  FAMU has enough problems and giving the Canes yards is not the way to win.

Following the great field position, Miami came on stong,  6 plays and 55 yards and now FAMU is down 7-3.  Jacory Harris provided the bulk of the offense by giving FAMU’s secondary fits.


The Hurricanes had great field position, and the Rattler defense held them to a 20 yard field goal.  That’s great news in my book.  A couple of dropped passes can take some credit, but defense is defense.  Miami leads 10-3


With such amazing field position at the start of every drive, I would be shocked if Miami didn’t score.  Special teams play must become tighter.  Miami hasn’t recorded a drive over 55 yards so far, which means that every drive has started at their own 45 yard line or better.

Behind Jacory Harris, the Canes have scored again 17-3.  Again, it is hard to fault the defense when they take the field with their backs against the wall.

7: 46

After what looked to be a momentum shift with FAMU completing a mid range pass to Dimitric Henry, Pulley threw his second interception of the season to Brandon Harris.   Again, great field position for Miami, and FAMU’s defense is back on the field after roughly a five minute rest.

That completes the first quarter.


Momentum no longer exists.  Once one team gets it, it is immediately thrown away.  Curtis Holcomb intercepts Harris to start the 2nd quarter, however, the Rattler offense is still having trouble moving the ball.  Pulley is having trouble finding targets, and the offense goes three and out again.


1:44 seconds.  That’s how long it took Miami to run six plays and go 75 yards.  That is also how long it took for them to prove me wrong about how much easier it would be on FAMU’s defense if Harris did not have such a short field to work with.  The Canes are exposing the secondary, and somone needs to follow Holcomb’s example and step up.



The Canes must be reading my blog right now.  I say they are exposing the secondary, and they decide to run the ball down the field for their longest drive.  78 yards and another touchdown for Miami, 31-3.


With nothing exciting to report after 13 minutes, I’m forced to write about a funny side note.  The officials had to call a timeout of their own because the chains broke.


So much for nothing exciting.  The Canes are driving with 50 seconds left to go, and are back in the redzone. Second and 12 on the 14 yard line with a timeout to work with.


I think I jinx things.  I say nothing exciting, and Fabian Wilson gets an interception in the redzone with 29 seconds left to go and Miami threatening to add on the the lead.

Great way to end the first half, after an other hard night so far.  Picking off a pretty good FBS quarter not once, but twice with the second time in the redzone.  I will not say momentum, but hopefully the pick will come with a confidence boost into the second half.

31-3, halftime, and out comes the band.


It should be fairly obvious by now:  The Rattler band is untouchable.  10 minutes left until play resumes.


Well the server was down for a few minutes, and we’re now about six minutes into the 3rd quarter.  Here is what you missed:  The Canes decided that Jacory Harris has done enough work for the night.  Taking his place is backup A.J Highsmith.  Highsmith is providing three and outs for the previously explosive Hurricane offense.

FAMU found its offense!  Again, on an opening drive, FAMU came away with points.  Seven plays and 47 yards led to another Scott field goal, putting a small dent into the lead.


FAMU just recieved a small taste of what Leroy Vann normally does to opposing teams.  The Canes just returned a punt for a touchdown.



Pulley does not want to be forgotten. A broken play just means another opportunity to put those legs to good use.  A 26 yard run by Pulley and the Rattlers record their first touchdown of the night.



Third quarter is over, and the Rattlers tripled their score.



The bright side:  So far, the Rattlers have put together four scoring drives.  Over the last two meetings against Miami, they’ve only totaled five.  The down side:  Three of those drives have been for field goals.  Including the most recent one.  41-16, Canes.


With his third field goal, place kicker Scott tied his career high.  A small victory yes, but one certainly worth mentioning, especially since it was done on a such a large stage.