Snitching is OK when it is beneficial

With Florida A&M University being an institute of higher learning, students might have been shocked to see flashing police car lights and multiple arrests being made on Tuesday due to a fight on the Set.

The brawl that took place drew a hefty crowd of curious students and being the award-winning newspaper that The Famuan is, a reporter was on site to receive information and take pictures.

But what did the reporter get? A few photos with a bunch of “no comment” responses.

As student journalists, we understand if the police won’t speak up about a situation because it’s an ongoing investigation. But for students or anyone who may have seen the crime, why not say anything?

Out of all the people on the Set that day, it’s surprising to hear that no one witnessed the crime. But then again it’s not, because of one simple street rule: Never snitch.

The covenant rule of not snitching on someone must end. Not just for the sake of a reporter gathering information about a crime or for police to find out what happened, but to make society a better place.

If someone were to report a crime, it could help thwart the next one because it could make someone think twice before getting into any illegal altercations.

What happened on Tuesday was immature and uncalled for on a college campus, but what made the situation more annoying was that people were defending it by not telling their side of the story. Matthew Richardson for the Editorial Board.