High-profile games make for interesting weekend

Well last week I had to admit that I was wrong, so it feels pretty nice to be able to say that I was right for a change.  I said look out for the Steelers to smack around the Chargers and for three whole quarters, I was 100 percent right.

We will not discuss the fourth-quarter, besides the Steelers won, so it’s a moot point anyway.

Well, there is plenty to look forward to for this weekend, so let’s put last week’s shenanigans behind us and suit out for what looks like the most promising weekend of the semester.

First off, now that the Rattlers are off their well-earned bye-week, I feel a lot more comfortable watching college football.  Obviously, the biggest match up (at least in my mind) is the Florida A&M University Rattlers vs. the University of Miami Hurricanes. 

The Rattlers has been playing some of their best football in recent memory, and they’re looking to take their undefeated record into Miami and come out 5-0.

The Hurricanes look forward to “beating the stuffing” out of a Football Championship Subdivision team, after facing off against four top 20 teams in their first four games.

If FAMU can come out, punch Miami in the face early with a score or a big turnover, then they really do have a chance.  The trick is to catch Miami sleeping, and capitalize before they realize they actually have to play to win against an FCS team.

In other college football news, Tim Tebow more than likely will not start against Louisiana State University.  I’ll give the Noles fans an opportunity to cheer.  Gators sans Tebow are a decent team at best, and LSU will win if Tebow is not playing.

The postseason started for Major League Baseball!  I typically avoid baseball, like the plague during the regular season but now America’s Pastime is interesting again.  The Phillies will spend the weekend spanking the Rockies, but if Cinderella stories are more your thing, take a look at the Twins.  Coming back from seven games down is no easy task, and now they are staring the Yankees in the mouth.

Yeah, have fun with that Minnesota.

In the National Football League, there is only one game (outside of the impending slaughter of the Lions) that truly interests me.  The New England Patriots will finally expose the Denver Broncos, who is currently 4-0.  The Bronco Bandwagon must be derailed, and Tom Brady is just the man for the job. 

If the Broncos manage to win this game, it will be because Brady overslept and forgot to show up.  Kyle Orton and the Broncos are not a good team; they are a decent team that has beaten up on chumps for four weeks.

Yes, I said it; the Bengals and the Cowboys are chumps.

Last week was kind of dry for those of you who enjoy the sports without balls, and again, the only thing I can offer you is a FAMU cross-country meet over at Florida State. However, FAMU has been doing great on the cross-country front lately so if you have the time head across the tracks and support our runners.

Another weekend full of sports and nobody should be yearning for more.  Even if you only like boxing, just go turn on the Ravens-Bengals game.  Those guys hate each other so expect some fists to fly.