FSU athletics in disarray; Bowden is asked to step down

There is more than one school in Tallahassee undergoing an athletic shake-up.  Following a less than stellar opening, Bobby Bowden, head football coach at FSU, is under scrutiny.

Florida State University fell two wins and three losses on the season over the weekend; but the true battle has not been FSU vs. the opponents this season, instead FSU vs. itself.

A once promising season is now by the wayside after only having played the first five games of a 12 game football season. 

When your name is Bobby Bowden and you are the iconic face of the highly respected FSU football program, criticisms and high praise walk a very thin line.

After the disappointing 28-21 loss to Boston College over the weekend, FSU trustee chairman Jim Smith was calling for an end to an era.

Smith said in a Sunday press conference following the loss, “My hope is frankly that we’ll go ahead, and if we have to, let the world know that this year will be the end of the Bowden era.” 

Those words have become fuel to an already smoldering fire that has been blazing across the college football landscape.

Will he stay or will he go? Will FSU really fire Bowden? 

These are the types of questions that many college football enthusiasts are mulling over following these new developments.

Coach Bowden declined and refused to respond publicly with his thoughts on this situation, but his wife Ann made some very fiery statements of her own in response to all of the chaos.

“I am angry,” said Ann Bowden on Monday. “I’m angry at some of our Boosters that Bobby has worked for and supported, raised money for. And he’s been such a top quality person, such great character and everything for this university. And for them to turn their back on him like that — I don’t care if he is 80 years old…”

Tuesday morning sources confirmed that Bowden will not be asked to step down at the conclusion of this season. However, a succession plan has been made for coach-in-waiting, Jimbo Fisher, to assume greater responsibility before next season has been discussed.

The saga continues…