Extra media coverage helps with recognition

With a record of 4-0, Florida A&M University’s football team has proved it deserves national media coverage.

During this season, six out of 11 games scheduled will be aired on national television.

This leads head football coach Joe Taylor to dispel the myths that football players who attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities do not get exposure.

“If you look at the rosters for the NFL, NBA, and MBL you will find quite a few names on the roster of people who attended HBCUs,” Taylor said. “We get exposure.”

FAMU was the first HBCU to be on ESPN’s College Game Day during the 2008 season. 
Now, a year later, on Oct. 10, the football team will take on the University of Miami live on ESPN360.

Antonio Wallace, director of strength and conditioning, said, “Our overall objective is to become MEAC champions.  We practice [at] 5:45 a.m. and have training camps.”
Wallace remains confident the Rattlers will bring home another victory.

FAMU is no stranger taking on teams in a higher division. The Rattlers beat Miami Hurricanes with a final score of 16-13 30 years ago.

“I hope there’s not too much celebration from the Rattler nation.  Our expectations should be higher than that,” Wallace said.

In addition to training, Taylor has implemented a program that builds players individually into becoming productive men. The program helps develop the football players off the field.

Taylor’s theory is that the man will outlast the athlete and the student. It is important to first build the man.

“Coaching is taking someone where they can’t go by themselves,” Taylor said.

Cameron Houston, a fourth-year criminal justice student and defensive lineman for the football team credits Taylor’s program for helping him on and off the field.

“The program provides personal growth,” Houston  said. “The program specifically helps the essence of the man because the man will outgrow the student and the athlete.”

Along with preparing to enter the NFL draft and national media coverage, Houston remains humble.

“I’m just going to continue to keep working hard and if it happens it happens,” Houston said.