Comedians wanted

If you are a rising comedian or the funniest friend out of your clique, then Tallapalooza needs you.

Jay Elliot is a local comedian with a mission to help other aspiring comedians. Beginning on Oct. 13, Elliot will be the host of a weekly comedy night called Tallapalooza. The event will be held at Club Episode.

Originally from Panama City, Elliot said he wants to give beginner comedians a place to practice their material in front of a live audience.

“I want to give people that strive to be a comedian a place where they can improve,” Elliot said.

Elliot believes that although Comedy Zone has been a go-to venue for local performers, there is a need for an alternate place for comedians to work on their material.

“We’re looking for a steady home for stand up comedy,” Elliot said. “Comedy Zone has been the only venue available for stand-up and that is about to end soon.”

Elliot has been a mainstay in the local comedy community for the last few months. He is working hard to make Tallapalooza a huge success.

“I have been planning this event for about a month,” he said. ” I just want to give people a chance to showcase themselves.”

Elliot also said Tallapalooza will be a fun event for both college students and local residents.

Danielle Brown, 25, a fourth-year engineering student from Orange Park, said that she loves great comedy.

“As long as the comedians make me laugh and are worth my money, I think it will be a great event,” Brown said.

Elliot wants performers to know that the event is designed to give them a chance to showcase their work and receive feedback, but it’s not a ‘hiss and boo’ opportunity like

“Showtime at the Apollo.”

“This is a place to support co-workers and friends who strive to be comedians,” Elliot said.

But Tallapalooza isn’t designed solely for aspiring comedians; the audience will be able to get involved too.

“We will have a best joke contest,” Elliot said. “It could be a knock-knock joke; anything goes.”

The best joke contest is not limited to just Tallapalooza on Tuesday nights. Elliot said he plans to visit the Set on Friday in search of an up-and-coming comedian or simply someone who tells good jokes.

Elliot has been involved with comedy for years and feels the need to encourage and uplift others in the same field.

“I started in Atlanta,” Elliot said. “I’ve been around the business, so I feel like I can help other’s careers with this event.”

Tallapalooza will take place every Tuesday night at Club Episode located on Pensacola Street. The event has a cover charge of $2 and features food specials all night.

John Williams, 24, a Florida State University graduate student from Chicago said he would be willing to see what local comedians are capable of doing.

“I would consider going to this event. It’s only $2 and I would not mind seeing what amateur comedians can do,” Williams said.