Letterman’s exploits not news

Sex. Why are people so obsessed with it?

Sex scandals seem to make the news quicker than anything else, and they are publicized way too much.

Former President Bill Clinton had sex with an intern, so what.
John Edwards engaged in indecent relations with one of his staffers, big deal.

And recently, late night television host David Letterman admitted to being romantically involved with one or more members of his staff.

How is this news?

There are so many other things in the world that are worthy of news coverage like perhaps, the ongoing debate over healthcare —we’re only dealing with our livelihoods.   

Who public figures are having sex with is neither here, nor there.

Yes, Letterman should have used better judgment with his assistant Stephanie Birkitt.

If the situation were really a sexual harassment case, like defense attorney, Gerald

Shargel is claiming, Birkitt would not still be employed by CBS.

These apparently scandalous stories get way too much coverage from the press.

One would wonder why an activity that is as common and natural as breathing is such a big deal.

The way Letterman went about addressing the situation on his show earlier this week isn’t and shouldn’t be considered national news.

It was silly and in no way comical.

He broke a marital vow and for him to make jokes about “having a lot to deal with”, in reference to his wife, was bewildering.

In any case, let’s hear more about some real news and less about something people engage in nearly every minute or everyday. 

Kikora Mason for the Editorial Board.