Teen violence must cease

By now, everyone with access to any form of mass media knows what happened in Chicago recently. 

An innocent teen was beaten to death in a brawl that had absolutely nothing to do with him.

News sources are calling the death “savage,” “uncalled for,” and “pointless.” Derrion Albert wasn’t a part of any organization that promoted violence.  He didn’t start the fight, and he certainly didn’t finish it.

Perhaps even worse:  The entire disgusting incident was captured on camera for the world to see.

Nobody knows when this whole thing started. 

Nobody can say when kids started to think it was all right to videotape other kids being beaten or harmed, but this is a trend that has to stop.

It’s bad enough that uneducated nobodies, who are doing nothing with their lives think it is OK to beat kids with some kind of future; it is flat out despicable that other kids feel as though they need to capture it forever.

While we’re on the subject of futureless kids beating up the educated, what makes people think they have the right to strip someone else of their future? 

Where is the rationalization? 

Why can someone who gave up on his or her life strip someone else of his or hers?

It is prevalent in Tallahassee as well. 

Gang members, people with weapons, and flat out losers litter the streets preying on the innocent.

In a city where there is literally education five miles in any given direction, it is a disgrace to see so much failure.

Derrion Albert’s death should be a sign. 

Something has to change.

Jordan Culver for the Editorial Board.