Fall fashion preview

As the Florida heat and humidity index slowly dwindle and cool, brisk winds start flowing,  and students should keep an eye out for the latest fashion trends.

Jermell Smith, 20, a third-year business administration student form Chicago, is thrilled about this season’s fall fashion trends.

“This year it is all about layering,” Smith said. “You can layer [clothes] with vest, scarves,sweaters and jackets.”

Since Smith is accustomed to the windy fall weather of his hometown, it has been difficult for him to find the appropriate style for Tallahassee’s warmer fall temperatures.

“Since I now live in Florida, I do not get the chance to experience the fall fashion like I would back at home,” Smith said.

Although he has had some difficulty adjusting, Smith recommends mocking the styles of the retail stores such as Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and H&M when deciding what to wear.

“This season I will be wearing maroons, browns, olives, dark purples and nice denim jeans. I will also continue to accessorize with watches and chains, but nothing to gaudy,” Smith said.  

According to Caitlin Joyner, 25, a fourth-year fashion merchandising student from Pensacola, Smith’s personal style is on the right track for this season’s hottest trends.

Joyner, a student at Florida State, said jewel tones such as reds, purples and forest greens are colors that will dominate this season’s fall fashion.

“Men will be wearing more argyle, hooded sweaters, darker washes, military inspired details, flannel, skinny ties and boots,” said Joyner. “…Less of track jackets, anything Ed Hardy and bright colors.”

In addition, women also have some interesting trends inspired by jewel tones, animal print and menswear.

“This season for women you will see a lot of animal print, such as snake skin, white leopard and zebra print. Ladies are also taking from menswear, such as boyfriend jackets and baggy destroyed denim,”  Joyner said. “Fall is definitely the most fun time for fashion.You get the chance to wear multiple layers.”

Joyner usually completes her look by layering with scarves, vests, jackets and hats.

Crystal Redd, a part-time fashion expert at Express clothing store, agrees with Joyner. Redd also added  a couple more must-haves for the fall season.

“Sequins dresses and tops are great for a fall night out.” Redd said. “Bold jewelry is also great for an evening accessory and a daytime look.”