Teen violence unbridled and needs to be stopped.

Growing up and attending school in Brooklyn, N.Y., I have seen violent acts occur between the students. But never have I ever witnessed anything like what happened to Darrion Albert in Chicago.

This young black man was an honor student who was beaten to death by some local gang members ranging from the ages of 16 to 19. According to police authorities, Albert was just a bystander.   

The thought of someone having to suffer that much pain and did nothing to deserve it, hurts my heart to even think of. How could anyone have that much hate in his or her hearts to repeatedly beat another person to death and not even think twice about it.            

One can only think that the young people who commit violent crimes grew up in a violent atmosphere, and probably have little self worth. Even though it was helpful to the police that someone videotaped the whole incident, I don’t understand how someone could stand around and watch something like that  not even try to call for help.

Where were the police when this happened? Instead of getting money to support education and keep minors involved, money goes toward other things that have little impact on our nations current state. Healthcare and the state of the economy are at the top of Obamas’ list of concerns, but education and the welfare of our youth should be a priority.                    
Everywhere you look violence is running rampant, yet no drastic measures have been taken to ensure public-safety. High schools should keep their students busy with more after school activities since there seems to be a lack of positive role models for children to look up to. Where are the parents of these youngsters when they got involved in gang violence? The parents of those minors charged with this heinous act should be held accountable as well.

These young men need to be taken off the streets and locked up for life. They should pay for taking away a life that could have maybe one day changed all of ours. Sadly, no one knows what Albert could have grown up to be. Now we’ll never know since his life was taken so soon. The streets are not safe, so what do we do? Run and hide? Or act like nothing is wrong, and just wait for the next tragedy to happen.

Tineshia Sulker is a third-year Broadcast Journalism student from Brooklyn, N.Y. She can be reached at famuanopnions@gmail.com