Carol’s Daughter hair products has mixed reviews

Curls, braids, dreadlocks and Hawaiian silky straight hair are just a few of the diverse hairstyles black men and women wear.

Carol’s Daughter, a company that sells natural hair products, has attracted consumers across the globe.

Carol’s Daughter began in the early 1990s by founder Lisa Price.  She never intended for homemade pomades to become a national seller when she first started the company.

Price made natural hair oil products and fragrances as gifts for her family and friends, which led to her starting an mail-order and web based business.  Now, Carol’s Daughter can be found in retail stores from California to New York.

Carol’s Daughter products are available across the nation in retail stores ranging from Macy’s to Sephora.  Her products are carried in Tallahassee at Dillard’s located in the Governor Square Mall.

Celebrities such as Jada Pinkett-Smith, Rihanna, Mary J. Blige and Jay-Z have supported Carol’s Daughter.

Jenaye Nolan, 18, a first-year psychology student from Daytona Beach said, “Carol’s Daughter sounds like an amazing product line and if it gets Jada’s hair to look so nice I can only imagine what my hair would look like…I would try.”

Price’s products differ from most of the hair market products because she prides herself on the fact that all of her products are natural. She sells products not only for ladies with relaxers, but also for ladies with natural hair that wish to perfect their curls.

While the products are loved nationwide there were mixed reviews from students on campus.

Jacquatta Samuels, 18, a first-year pharmacy student from Jacksonville said, “I would rather see how it works for someone else first. 

Nashara Wilson, 18, a first-year biology student from Fayetteville, N.C. has used Carol’s

Daughter products in the past and was satisfied with the results. 

“Carol’s daughter is changing the way we look at our hair,” she said.  “[I think it’s a] good product.” 

Recently, Price was given the opportunity to expand her business even further with the introduction of Disney’s first black princess story, “The Princess & The Frog.”

Disney and Carol’s Daughter have teamed up to create a line of natural products catering to “little princesses in training.” The set will include a four-piece bath and bodyline, which became available for purchase on Oct. 1.

While Carol’s Daughter specializes in all natural hair products, she also provides all natural fragrances and other personal items such as lip balm, body butters and face wash.

To learn more, visit or call 1-877-540-2101.