Stimulus offers relief

Writing skills must be up to par for the “stimulus package.”
It sounded too good to be true when I first heard it.

Student Government giving away $30,000 to the student body…unheard of!

SGA President Gallop Franklin and Vice President Calvin Hayes set up this wonderful idea as  part of their platform last semester. 

The funds can be used for book stipends, haircuts and hairdos, meal plans, copying services, and entrance exams such as the LSAT and GRE.

My only question is when do the fights begin?

At present FAMU has about 13,000 students and if we distribute the money evenly, that’s right you guessed it, there’s only $2.30 available per person.

So how is this going to work out?

According to Franklin, this FAMU “stimulus package” would be distributed to students based on merit and needs.

Well, considering the state of our economy, most of us are broke.

I’m broke, my ‘momma’ is broke and my roommates are broke too.

So I’m guessing it’s all up to the quality of responses to the five essay questions in the application and the letter of recommendation needed from a university official.

Therefore, put away the boxing gloves and step your essay game up.

And that teacher that you kind of didn’t get along with, you might want to make chum with them for that letter.

Despite how much stimulus each student receives when they apply, whether it is $10 for a haircut for an interview or $250 to take the GRE, it’s something.

Whether you agree or disagree its better than what we got last year which was nothing.
This is a great idea and something that should be made annual.

We pay a bi-annual activities & service fee so why not get a little of that back.

The president and vice president could have used this funding for what ever they wanted but they decided to give it back to us.

Lets look at it this way, at least the president is not spending our funds on a $700 tuxedo.

Benjamin Evans, III for the Editorial Board.