FAMU SGA will disburse $30k to students in need

The student stimulus package from the Franklin-Hayes administration has been finalized and is available for students.

During campaign season, the Franklin–Hayes ticket promised students that they would pay attention to student issues. The student stimulus package is the response to these issues.

The stimulus package consists of $30,000 that students will be awarded on a merit and need basis through an application process. The money will be spread out evenly to students who qualify, according to the administration. 

According to SGA, the terms of this package include money for student haircuts, hair-dos, book vouchers, meals and exams for entrance into grad school (i.e. GRE, LSAT, GMAT). However, the package is not limited to just that. The executive branch gave $ 38,000 in discretionary funds that SGA President Gallop Franklin says he chose to use to give back to the students.

Franklin said after being a student leader for years you hear students complain around campus, but never see anything tangible. Franklin said he wanted to be different.

“I don’t see a better way to spend the money, but on students,” Franklin said.

The only prerequisite to apply for the package is being a full-time student. The application is then given to a board comprised of faculty and students who review the applications.

Once the application is reviewed, the board determines who will be given the money.

According to Calvin Hayes, vice president, this is the first time SGA has done anything like this.

“This is a new innovative idea of the GNC administration, it’s never been done before,” Hayes said.

The executive branch had to seek approval from the university Board of Trustees before this stimulus package could be available to students. Franklin said before he publicly announced the package he had to make sure that it was legal.

Franklin still sees one major downfall in the package.                        

It is not fair that I cannot  give out money to everyone equally,” Franklin said.

“I wish SGA had more money to spend on these services,” Hayes added.
Senate President Asia McFarland said that she has not looked at the stimulus package.

“I have asked where is the money coming from. No one has given me a hard copy; it has been all word of mouth,” McFarland said.

McFarland feels indifferent about the stimulus package and would like more information.
Jonathan Sawyer, a first-year criminal justice student from Miami, said he does not know anything about the stimulus package, but would like to know more.

“I see more vote for me signs [during campaign week] than I do about stuff from SGA – especially this package,” Sawyer said.

Senator Breyon Love, organization and finance chair of the 39th Student Senate thinks it is a good idea to have a stimulus package.

“A lot of students have been struggling financially. I know many students whose tuition has been paid for, but they cannot get meals,” Love said.

The funds for the package are limited. Students are encouraged to turn their applications in quickly.

Applications will be available online through at www.famu.edu and in the SGA office. For more information, call (850) 599-3624.