Fake bills discovered

Florida A&M  police are investigating two instances of reported counterfeiting and forgery on campus.

The first incident occurred Thursday and the second took place Monday according to an investigative report released by the FAMU Department of Public Safety Tuesday.

“It’s nothing as far as widespread alarm, we just want our students and anyone at FAMU to use caution,” said Lt. Commander Norman Rollins.

Rollins said Tuesday no one has been arrested and they had no suspects.

“In one case we were looking at a $10 bill, however, that does not discount any other denominations (being used),” said Rollins.

Rollins added that the money was possibly passed through one of three nightclubs, Chubby’s, The Edge or Baja’s Beachclub. “It was received by the individual possibly in one of the nightclubs and passed on by the individual,” Rollins said.

To make an arrest, a person must knowingly pass the fraudulent money for it to be a crime.

Rollins said, “One happened in our student services center…the other was in the university commons.”

Within the last year, agents have recovered about $8 million in fake notes across the U.S. and $18 million, authorities said.

The Secret Service has jurisdiction over violations involving the counterfeiting of United States obligations and securities.

Rollins said students to be mindful while exchanging money on and off campus.