Obama right about West

President Obama called music artist Kanye West a jackass for his actions at MTV’s Video Music Awards. So what? Obama said that, off the record by the way, because West acted like one. There was no opinion in that. That statement was fact.

According to dictionary.com, a jackass, in its secondary definition, is a contemptibly foolish or stupid person; dolt; blockhead; ass.

Since the President called West out of his name, some think that Obama was not displaying presidential etiquette. First off, it was off the record, secondly, why should we care?

If one were to listen to the sound bite when Obama was talking in general, he said after the fact, “Cut the president some slack. I have a lot of this stuff on my plate.”

Obama saying he has a lot of stuff on his plate is somewhat of an understatement, so why on top of everything else, does the media have to criticize what he said about West?

Honestly, it’s refreshing to have a president that shows signs of being like the rest of us. We are all human. A friend of mine called West an idiot for his actions, another friend of mine called him a moron and I’m sure a bunch of people who saw the award show called him something out of name immediately after he interrupted Taylor Swift.

It seems as though many of those in the spotlight have been having word diarrhea. Senator Joe Wilson, Serena Williams, and Kanye West are all examples. Obama isn’t one. It’s not like he said it aloud at the awards show. I’m sure if Wilson held his “You lie,” comment until after the meeting was over, he wouldn’t be plastered all over the news like he is now.