Weekend jam-packed with sporting goodies

This weekend, whether you enjoy knockouts, high-profile debuts or classic head-to-head match ups, there is guaranteed to be something for you to watch in the world of sports.

Obviously, the biggest thing for Florida A&M University is the upcoming 20th Atlanta Football Classic.  The floods throughout Georgia have not caused a cancellation or postponement of the game. The Rattlers (3-0) are ready to continue their successful winning streak tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. against the Tennessee State Tigers (1-2).

Be sure to look out for cornerback Leroy Vann as he looks to break the Football Championship Series record for punt return touchdowns in a single season.  The special teams play has been integral to FAMU’s success, and if the Tigers manage to lock Vann down, look for an even closer battle between these two rivals.

If you are staying in Tallahassee, be sure to check the battle going on tomorrow at noon.  Florida State University (2-1) is looking for another victory against the University of South Florida Bulls (3-0). FSU just came from their epic beat down of the Brigham Young University Cougars (2-1).

Probably the biggest story in the NFL is the potential debut of Michael Vick for the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Eagles currently have four quarterbacks; three with Pro-Bowl appearances, two out of those three are active for Sunday’s game.

Sadly, the lowly, unproven Kevin Kolb is more than likely going to get the start.  Jeff Garcia is a proven winner for the Eagles and Michael Vick is… well he’s Michael Vick.  Why Kolb, who tends to tank whenever he is sent out, is getting the starting job over two people who could light up the Kansas City Chiefs is beyond me.

The Chiefs are so bad it’s almost biblical, so why not let Michael Vick torch them and get some confidence back?

Even outside the football arena, there is still plenty to watch.  If you enjoy a lazier sort of weekend, the FedEx Cup finals will be taking place over the weekend.  This golf game has been the subject of some controversy lately.

Apparently, due to the ludicrous points system, no-names like Jim Furyk, can win this tournament, the FedEx Cup and the $10 million that comes with it.

Almost sounds like a BCS for golf, right?

For fans of sports without balls Vitali Klitschko and Cristobal Arreola will go 12 rounds for Klitschko’s heavyweight title.  I’m not the biggest fan of people punching each other in the face for a living, but I’m told that this is a reasonably large fight, and it’s on HBO so it’s not like you have to pay outside of your regular cable bill to watch it.

It’s almost October, which means baseball is heating up as well. The only game that figures to be truly entertaining, especially on Saturday, is a game coming up with the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates.  This game looks to be a complete slaughter, as the Pirates are currently riding the longest streak for seasons without a winning record at 17.

Like I said, there’s something coming this weekend for everyone.  If you’re a sports fan, there’s no reason to complain that there’s nothing on.