Obama selects FAMU alum as a United States Ambassador

A Florida A&M University alumnus was sworn in as a U.S. Ambassador Monday. Teddy B. Taylor earned his bachelors of science degree in political science in June 1975 from Florida A&M University. Taylor was chosen to be the ambassador-designate to Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, all of which are islands off the northeastern coast of Australia. He served as U.S. Consul at the American Embassy in Budapest and the U.S. Interest Section in Havana, Cuba. He also worked as a consular officer at the U.S. Embassies in Guatemala, Panama and Honduras.Before swearing in, Taylor served as the deputy assistant secretary of the State of Human Resources of the U.S. Department of State.As an ambassador, Taylor will have to mediate between his assigned countries and the U.S. and address the concerns of these countries in relations with the United States.Taylor is one of several new ambassadors President Barack Obama selected, including ambassadors to Sweden, Morocco, Croatia and Uganda. The Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy swore in Taylor.According to the Solomon Star, Taylor is expected to take his first visit to the Solomon Islands this month.