Student parking decal deadline approaching

The last day to register for a parking decal is October 2.

Students using decals and permits expiring August 31, 2009 are valid until September 30.

Students can register online for their 2009-2010 decal. The registration Web siteee can be accessed through Florida A&M’s homepage, under the students tab.

In order to register online, students need to provide their driver’s license identification number, vehicle identification number and vehicle registration.

The regulation remains that freshmen are not allowed to drive on campus, with the exception of those being housed off-campus.

Students without the 2008-2009 decal may request a temporary permit online to validate parking until September 29.

According to the parking services information page, parking lots throughout campus have color-coded signs that represent the designated parking permitted for the respective location.

Red signs are for general parking and allow for anyone with a legal permit to park; green signs are for employees only and are available for those employees with the appropriate decal; and blue signs are for student resident parking only.

Decals will be mailed via postal mail to students within 15 days of registration.

Driving visitors should report to the parking services office upon entering campus grounds in order to receive a day-pass.

Decal fees are included in tuition, and do not need to be paid upon registration.