The return specialist

LeRoy Vann is one of the most prolific kick returners in Florida A&M University football history.

In FAMU’s past two games, against Winston-Salem and Howard Universities, the record setting Vann has returned four punts for touchdowns, with 10 kicks returned for touchdowns over the past 2 seasons. All of which have garnered Vann national notoriety.

Vann knows that he strikes fear into an opponent’s heart whenever he touches the ball.

“It’s very fun,” Vann said. “You’re getting these big returns and getting into their minds.”

Before Vann’s huge games against WSSU and Howard, he struggled to find any running room or break any huge runs against Delaware State in week 1. Vann said that he and special teams coach, Juan Vasquez, sat down and figured out how he could be more productive.

“Me and Coach Vasquez sat down and made sure the blockers were where they were supposed to be,” Vann said. “We had to make sure that everyone was blocking the right man so that they could give me hole.”

Vasquez recognizes that LeRoy Vann is a very important asset to the team. “LeRoy has been able to have a lot of success,” Vasquez said. “He has a tremendous amount of talent.”

Vann doesn’t only return kicks, however. Fans will also see Vann playing as a defensive back. He knows that his role on defense is just as important as his role on special teams. Even though he’s not the biggest guy on defense, he knows that he has to play with no fear.

“I’m a smaller guy but I’m not scared to go in there and make contact with an offensive lineman,” Vann said. “I’m basically a smaller, but faster, linebacker.”

Teammate Michael Creary, a fourth-year defensive back from Deerfield Beach, said that Vann brings a little extra firepower to the defensive backfield.

“He’s fast and that’s always good,” Creary said. “But his speed on the blitz is very valuable to the defense.”

Vann doesn’t only contribute on the football, though. As a senior, he also uses his leadership skills in the locker room to set an example for younger players and create a positive environment for the rest of the football team.

Vasquez said Vann has a tremendous amount of confidence and work ethic.

“He stays late, he comes early, and he leads by example. He does everything that he needs to do to help the team win,” said Vasquez.

Creary believes that Vann provides a positive impact in the Florida A&M locker room through his play on the field and his energy.

“He’s having a positive impact because he’s playing really good right now,” Creary said. “Whenever you’re playing good, it rubs off on other players. We just feed off of his energy.”

Vann says that fans can expect him to continue to play at a very high level as the season progresses.

“You can just expect me to give my all on each and every play.”