Flag football team dominates both male and female sides competition

Even though the Rattlers played Thursday, there was still a lot of football to play Saturday at FAMU.

Simply Marvelous, a female traveling intramural flag football team, held a workout clinic for its upcoming season.

“We want to help others create memories,” said Tony Brewington, intramural sports coordinator.

Brewington coordinated the clinic, which featured over 40 girls interested in flag football.

“This was a real good experience, I really want to play on the team,” said Kabia Robinson, 21, a third year, nursing student from Ocala.

The clinic started at 10a.m. and ended a little after 12p.m.

“I’m having a good time, I played in high school, its fun I like football,” said Tamar Bettis, 19, second-year business administration student from Tampa.

The team only has a few spots open for new players.

“There’s not many slots open so it’s competitive. Only the strong prevail,” said Ashley Edwards, 19, second-year political science student from Indianapolis, Ind. 

Although everyone will not make the team, Brewington and Simply Marvelous head coach Marvin Green want to still offer women an opportunity to play.  The first flag football tournament will be Oct. 10.

“Today was the start of getting everyone geared for the tournament,” Brewington said.

 “This provides everyone an opportunity to compete and have fun doing it. We want to help others create memories,” Brewington said.

The team received national recognition in 2007, after winning two national championships. The titles came from the National Intramural & Recreation Sports Association and American Collegiate Intramural Sports. Last season the team finished second in the championships held in Tampa.

 Struggling to find female competition that offers a challenge, Coach Marvin Green signed the team up for Tallahassee’s city league, against men.

 “We didn’t know it was guys, we were very surprised,” said Captain, Ashley Livingston, 21, a fourth- year physical therapy student from Fort Lauderdale. “We play on the same level they play.”

Since playing against the men, the team has changed its mentality for the season.  They feel as though they can take on any challenge.

“We’re ready,” said April Roberts, 21, a fourth-year cardiopulmonary science student from Tampa.  “They start breaking down when we pick them apart, were looking for a great year.”
As of now, the team is 2-1 in the city league, and is looking forward to the next challenge.

“They know how to play as a team, their confidence doesn’t have to be questioned. They’re executing, having fun, and doing it against men,” Brewington said.

The team’s first Regional tournament is Nov. 6-8, in Wilmington, N.C.

After the clinic, several players were excited about where the team can go this season.

“It’s a lot of talent out there, this was very productive, its harder for cuts this year,” Roberts said. “We’re going all the way. Bringing back two (national championships) instead of one.”