Obama’s celebrity hinders public opinion


You know, President Obama has quite a few issues on his abdominally large plate.  Health care, war, recession, racists, you name it, Obama is dealing with it.


Obama is currently wading through a swamp of problems and none of them look like they’re going to be solved soon.  As it is right now, our president is looking at a four-year term of nothing but arguments and maniacal congressmen shouting “YOU LIE!” at him.


This is not the way I envisioned our future. 


I’m not going to tell you whom I voted for.  That’s not the problem here.  The problem is that President Obama is having way too hard a time getting his issues heard amid the shouting and false allegations. 


More so than usual, United State politics have become a spectacle. 


Ask anyone, even ask someone in politics, and they will all give you a different version of Obama’s current healthcare plan, if they are capable of giving you one at all. 


Obama has become a celebrity and not a person of authority in the minds of the American public.


Believe it or not, it was the same thing with George Bush Jr.; something would go wrong and everyone felt as though they had the authority to comment on it.  Today, everyone and their grandmother feel as though they are allowed to say what they want about some of the most important issues in the world with half-baked knowledge.


Maybe it’s race, maybe it’s Obama’s “leadership” style, maybe it’s just the stupidity of the self-entitled, “holier than thou” morons that litter our population.


Whatever it is, it’s an issue that needs to be found and resolved, before whatever message Obama is trying to deliver is lost forever.