FAMU PD cracking down on student ‘posers’

There is now tighter security and observation for people that loiter around Florida A&M’s campus.


According to a statement released in the Tallahassee Democrat from FAMU Police Chief Calvin Ross, “officers have been vigilant about keeping their eyes open for ‘non students’ who are lurking around campus in the early-morning or late-night hours.”


The heightened security is understandable because of the post game shooting that occurred after the last home game that injured three people including FAMU’s own football player, Lonvontae Page, and his 14-year-old cousin, Quinterrius Page.


The specifics of the screening caught me off guard because I did not know shooters were lurking around campus in the early-morning or late-night hours.


How do you keep an eye on non-students? What does a non-student look like?


From my experience many students look like the “17-year-old black male” shooter. I certainly hope the FAMU police are not beginning to typecast young black males. How could FAMU police become more cautious about non-students when students do not wear ID badges?


The safety of the students, fans and even visitors on campus should be of the utmost concern of the FAMU police. It is not enough to say you will be more watchful between the hours of 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. for students who chill outside Gibbs who look like the non-students.


This should just be a lesson for FAMU police as viewing non-students as the threat. Instead, why not educate more students on what to do in conflicting situations and to report suspicious behavior from anyone, student or not?




Faran Foy is a junior English and journalism student from Jacksonville.