Obama’s message clear despite partisan obstruction

President Obama’s rousing speech to Congress on Wednesday sent a clear message: bipartisan bickering over health reform isn’t solving any problems.

Since the proposed legislation made its public debut this past spring, Americans began to show their true colors. Petty slander toward President Obama has hallmarked talks of reform through Washington and the homes of hundreds of millions of Americans over the summer.

 Media outlets have played a major role in the mass confusion that has culminated in the minds of many Americans who oppose reform. Words like ‘socialist’, ‘fascist’, and the ever-famous ‘Nazi’ smear have been taken out of context, and have become pet names for our commander in chief.

Obama has managed to dodge all of the smear campaigns made by those who influence the popular minority stance on health reform to ensure America practices what it preaches. The disrespectful outburst made by Sen. Jim Wilson, R-S.C., during Obama’s speech demonstrated just how self-centered and uber-capitalistic our society has become.

Rabble-rousers like Wilson, and Rush Limbaugh will stop at nothing to sabotage any attempt to grant constitutional rights to anyone other than the framer’s intended audience, white male property owners.

The vast emptiness of their craniums has yet to accept that it is no longer 1787, and America, as well as the rest of the world has moved past the socio-economic ideologies once treasured over 300 years ago.

While the opposition uses political jargon to hide its apparent discontent with Obama, the man, and his policies, it is now painstakingly evident that their tireless radical right wing indoctrination is counterproductive to Americas’ mission of a progressivism. 

Jason Lawrence for the Editorial Board.