FAMU takes down Hornets 21-12

Saturday night’s game was a perfect display of heart, determination and the Rattlers’ will to win. Yet, most importantly a powerful statement was made about what is in store for the 2009 football season.

“I feel good about last night’s game,” Kendrick Washington, a junior defensive end said. “I mean it was great to start the season off with a win seeing that we haven’t beat them in four years, so it was good that we got a win under our belt, but there’s still work to do.”

The Rattlers defeated the Delaware State Hornets 21-12 to start the season out undefeated. The offense led by Curtis Pulley displayed great character after overcoming countless penalties that sometimes left them 15 to 20 yards from a first down. The Hornets planned to put pressure on the Rattler offense but had no answer for Curtis Pulley and the running game.

“It’s always good to win the first game. Plus this one was a big conference game, so we got a big win and revenge for the last few losses,” Pulley said.

Leroy Vann a senior defensive back said the difference in the two team’s performances was that “[FAMU’s] offense doesn’t make mistakes and [FAMU’s] defense is supposed to win games.”

On the other side of the ball the Rattler defense was relentless while holding the Hornets to just 12 points.

Kendrick Washington applied unstoppable pressure on the Delaware State quarterback, racking up 2 sacks for the Rattler defense.

Leroy Vann’s continuous special team attack left the Rattlers in great field position during most of the game.

“The strengths of the game were putting the offense in a position to score through special teams,” Vann said.

The difference in the two teams’ stamina showed around the end of the game as the Rattlers finished strong over the cramping Hornets.

“Although they were cramping up towards the end of the game, we as a team didn’t have as much energy as we could have,” Vann said.

A sense of pride, hope and Rattler spirit could be felt throughout the crowd as the Rattlers proved that they are now a stronger team than ever. Fans danced and celebrated as the Rattlers defeated the Delaware State Hornets.

The road to winning the MEAC has begun for the Rattlers but the team has higher goals for this 2009 season.

“The result of last year was statement enough meaning we won’t sneak up on any of them,” Washington said. “We just started out on a good foot with this win.”

The Rattlers as a unit have all eyes on a National Championship. Saturdays win was a great start toward that goal and the Rattlers are ready for the upcoming challenges of the season.

The team is humble in their win as they all agree there is still work to be done. They know

they could have done better, and as a team they are willing to achieve their dreams one step at a time through perfection and perseverance.

Vann said he plans to do everything he can to ensure a winning season.

Next week the Rattlers travel to face the Winston-Salem State Rams in what is sure to be a great match up between two great teams.

The Orange and Green flags of the FAMU Rattler football team are flying higher than ever on The Hill.

Get ready for an amazing season as the Rattlers look to STRIKE! STRIKE! AND STRIKE AGAIN!