Should there be a curfew for Leon County minors?

Recently, the Leon County police department has looked into instituting a curfew for minors, or “persons aged 17 and under.” This curfew is meant to keep the younger generations off the streets when they should be home, safe and away from potential harm.It could also be argued that the curfew is meant to keep the more aggressive youngsters off the streets, stopping them from potentially causing harm.The reason is sort of a moot point, as according to the Tallahassee Democrat, both a spokesperson and the vice chairman for the county describe the issue as “dead.” What a shame. The simple truth is that a curfew may be exactly what the youth of Tallahassee require in order to stay out of trouble. The curfew doesn’t need to be a “big brother,” back in the house by 11 p.m. sort of thing, but maybe saying “Hey, it’s 2 a.m., stop wondering the streets,” can keep a few more teens alive. Think about it: When you were 16, were you ever doing something positive at 2 a.m. outside of your own house? The adults that cruise around late at night are bad enough, who wants their 16-year-old running into the drunken messes that stumble out of frat parties and Chubby’s that late.It’s just a thought; maybe Leon County and the police should take a better look into the benefits of instituting a curfew for kids, who honestly shouldn’t be out that late anyway. Because really, what can a 16-year-old do past midnight that’s still legal anyway?Jordan Culver for the Editorial Board.