Arrest made in first game shooting

Joyous celebration over the FAMU Rattler football victory ended as a shooter injured three people following the game late Saturday near Howard Hall on Wahnish Way. 

A text alert sent by the university early this morning said, “All clear/arrest made. An arrest has been made in the shooting incident on FAMU campus.” “Basically what we had was a dispute between two groups,” said Lt. Norman Rollins from the Florida A&M University Police Department.

“One of the individuals took at a weapon, a firearm and commenced shooting at the other group which was in a car,” Rollins added.

Both FAMU PD and the Tallahassee Police Department declined to comment on the make, model and color of the car, out of fear of “retaliation” when the suspects were still at-large.

“Obviously we can’t disclose information as to the car,” Rollins said last night.

Students were confined to their dorms, cars were cut off from Wahnish Way and police officers were not allowed to comment on the case.

FAMU PD was able to confirm three victims in the shooting, although their names were not disclosed. Two of the victims were described as “innocent bystanders,” with minor injuries to the hand and one on the arm.

Running back Lovontae Page was grazed in the arm on his way to his dorm an after the home game, said Martin Uphigh, a close friend. Page came off a strong 61-yard performance in which the first six plays were run by him.

Neither FAMU PD nor TPD were able to give any sort of indication on the status of the third victim. Rollins confirmed that units were able to identify who the victims were, however names were not given.

FAMU PD confirmed that the shooter fired from the Gibbs Hall parking lot, hitting the victims in front of the Reserve Officer Training Corps building and the new Multipurpose Center Teaching Gym.

The shooter was not immediately apprehended. Students received text alerts from the university that said where the suspects were headed and to stay in the dorms.