Sheryl Underwood brings humor to the Hill

    With her stellar side-ponytail and flowing lashes, comedienne Sheryl Underwood stopped by Florida A&M University’s campus for a quick interview with The Famuan. The God-fearing comedienne makes households laugh across the country with her raw sense of humor on stage and on radio.

    She talked about getting her start in comedy, the importance of earning a quality education and her upcoming performance at The Comedy Zone in Tallahassee.

FAMUAN: What brings you to Tallahassee?

Underwood: I have three performances at The Comedy Zone this evening, 5:30, 7, and 9 p.m. Everyone here is so nice and friendly.

FAMUAN: So what do you think of FAMU so far?

Underwood: It’s a great campus; very unifying. You all have some very handsome men on your campus!

FAMUAN: How long have you been in comedy?

Underwood: If I tell you that, you will be able to figure out my age! Let’s just say I’ve been in comedy a few decades. I originally wanted to sing, like Lola Falana, but my voice was similar to Diana Ross’, but there’s only one Diana. I found my talent for comedy through my military and college experiences. I always wrote humorous term papers.

    The Arkansas native went on to explain the importance of an advanced education. As she rummaged through her Ziploc bags full of make-up and Carol’s Daughter products, she said her degrees in liberal arts and radio/TV production management really helped in furthering her career.

    Underwood plans to release a romantic comedy set in a church called, “Saints and Sinners.” It’s being released from her production company, Pack Rat Productions, an outgrowth of Nubian Nights production.

    “Black people won’t believe Jesus is coming back, until they hear it on the radio.”