Brown skates around the issues

    Where should I begin about the Chris Brown interview on Larry King Live Wednesday night? Let’s begin with Chris Brown wearing a baby blue sweater and bowtie looking like the Twitter mascot.

     Seriously though, Brown looked nervous and uncomfortable, but more importantly he portrayed himself as an illiterate celebrity in desperate need of good public relations. As Brown sat between his mother and lawyer, he continuously looked down as he answered, or didn’t answer, Larry King’s questions. This was Brown’s chance to gain some redemption for his atrocious acts, but instead he seemed as if he was putting on a façade to be apologetic.

     When King asked about the incidents that occurred, Brown’s repeated responses were ‘I don’t know’ or ‘out of respect for her [Rihanna] and myself, I don’t want to discuss that.’ But the response that tickled my feather the most was, “I don’t remember.” Really? You don’t remember beating Rihanna to oblivion, while you were driving? You don’t remember busting her upside the head and threatening to kill her? When did you get amnesia? If you can’t remember that, either you were high on Rick James’ cocaine or you’re bipolar.

     King was very amiable, but took no pity on Brown. He asked the hard questions and Brown refused to answer. King continuously referred to the police affidavit to jog Brown’s shot memory, but Brown couldn’t answer anything because he had a case of amnesia. King asked Brown about controlling his anger. Brown said he is young and learning. He also said, “Nobody wrote a book on how to control our anger and emotions.” So, you need a book to tell you how to do that? No, you need some home training. By the way, there are many books about anger management, but by listening to him speak, I don’t think he does much reading. Eventually, Brown seemed to get frustrated with King’s questions, and I’m sure King felt Brown was wasting his time.

     Brown reminded me of a fourth grader at a parent-teacher conference because he barely spoke for himself. Brown’s lawyer and mother, who was dressed as if she just left Wednesday night church service, constantly spoke up for him. If he was prepped on anything, it was to not say much, which from a PR perspective is a bad move; silence will only hurt you. Honestly, I think Chris should make a deal to have a reality show about anger management counseling on Vh1. What better way to boost his career back into gear?    

     He should do a reality show or a sex tape. That seems to be the trend anyway.

     What may be over is Chris Brown’s career. That interview was simply wretched. This was his time to shine, but instead he sank deeper into the abyss of shame. I’m not saying that people should forgive him or hate him for his hideous act, but I do know he should work on his interviewing skills. I really wish Brown the best in recovery of his amnesia. Thanks Chris for the best time I ever had on Twitter.

Marlon Williams is a senior public relations student from Tallahassee. He can be reached at