SGA inauguration plans ready

    The Franklin & Hayes Administration geared up for this week’s Florida A&M University Student Government Association Presidential Inauguration activities.

    Such activities included a senate meeting Monday night and the SGA Explosion, which took place Tuesday night in the Grand Ballroom.

    Gallop Franklin and Calvin Hayes will be inaugurated as the Student Body President & University Trustee and Student Body Vice-President, respectively, on Thursday, Sept. 3 at 6 p.m. in Lee Hall Auditorium.

    The pair has a host of new initiatives planned for this upcoming school year. They want to keep the student body interested with different programs and are encouraging both student and alumni involvement.

    Henry L. Kirby, associate vice president and dean of students, said that he was looking forward to a very celebratory inauguration week for the entire university.

    “What ever they do, large or small in scope, the ultimate beneficiary should be the student body in general,” Kirby said.

    Kirby is also looking to work closely with the administration in order to help them achieve their goals for this year.

    Franklin and Hayes shared some of the newer initiatives that they have planned including new communication goals.

    They will have radio spots called “SGA Talks” on the university’s own radio station 90.5 on Wednesday’s from 12-12:30 p.m., a billboard on FAMU Way that will highlight upcoming student government events and sign ups for text alerts with information about SGA events and programs.

    “We are working on an economic stimulus package using A&S fees to reciprocate back to the student body with book vouchers and entrance exams fees,” Hayes said.

    Other projects that they have in the works include a call center, which would serve a dual purpose, “providing students with other personnel services (or OPS) jobs and recruiting funds for the university through alumni donations,” Franklin said.

    Saundra Inge, director of student activities, said they have a very ambitious agenda.

    “I have high hopes for them, and they have started out pretty good,” Inge said. “I would like to see them meet every one of their goals.”

    Rattlermania, a fun day on Friday, Sept. 4 at FAMU Park is something they would like to have as an on-going event for students to be held throughout this school year.

    Franklin personally invites everyone to the SGA Presidential Inauguration and to the Snake Walk, which will be held at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 6 on The Set.