New members find ‘fame’

      After 33 ceremonies, Florida A&M University is finally adding to its list of valued athletes. FAMU will hold it’s 34th Sports Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony at the FAMU Multipurpose Center on Friday. 

       The Hall of Fame Breakfast will be held at 9 a.m. on Saturday in Jake Gaither Gym. The breakfast will honor five former athletes and two supporters. The former FAMU athletes include Terry Beauford, football, 1986-90; Tony Ezell, football, 1988-91; Aldwin Ware, basketball, 1984-88; Leon Collier, basketball and football 1956-59; and Jacquay Nunnally, football, 1997-2000. The two committed supporters Keith Miles and Dr. Edward Scott will also receive plaques on the Hall of Fame. 

This Saturday, during halftime at FAMU’s home game against Delaware State, the 2009 class will receive a special recognition.  Each player and supporter can be seen as a contributor to both the university and the team through their accomplishments and dedication.  

Beauford’s two-time All-American left tackle title, Ware’s Black College All-American 1988 title, Ezell’s 6,620 throwing yard career, Collier’s two-sport titles and Nunnally’s four-time All-America receiver title are one of the many reasons why they are recipients of a special tribute. 

While the players play a major role in the history of the university, the supporters are important as well.  Through the Rattler Boosters and the National Alumni Association, Dr. Edward Scott has been a long time supporter of FAMU and its athletics.  Keith Miles, also known as the “Voice of The Rattlers” has been a benefactor and ambassador and liaison for the university for 25 years.   

“This event seems like it’s going to be a good idea,” said Ricardo Dyall, 25, criminal justice student from Brooklyn, N.Y. “I’m sure it’s going to be nice, I’m only sad that I’m going to miss it.”