Destitute dorms an eyesore

    Many of the 3,300 freshmen at Florida A&M University are finding that there is no room for them on “The Hill.”

    President James Ammons said the university is pleased with the increase in enrollment, however FAMU needs more beds.

    “Renovations for Polkinghorne Village, an 800-bed facility, would cost an estimated $63 million,” said Ammons.

    FAMU Chief Financial Officer Teresa Hardee said Sampson and Young residence halls need about $14 million for improvements.

    Some of the ongoing projects for the Office of Housing and Residence are the ceiling tile and grid replacement in Gibbs Hall, roof repair on building D of Paddyfote Complex and installing new furniture in building B.

    Once freshman week began, 40 beds became available from students who did not attend. With only 2,484 beds available for this incoming class, the waiting list sealed down to 200 students.

    Most students were placed in local apartment complexes around FAMU such as University Courtyard, Adams Pointe and even Down Under. According to the Students Relation Committee Chair Iman Sandifer, accommodations were made even down to transportation.

    Sandifer, 19, from Hallandale Beach, is a current resident assistant in Gibbs Hall. The sophomore history student said the housing situation is detrimental to the student’s college experience.

     Sandifer was a resident his freshman year and said the students who aren’t living on campus this year are losing the “homey” feeling of on-campus living and the opportunity to walk to class.

    Football games, set Fridays and the newly renovated café are all the part of the freshmen experience.

    Students awarded financial aid, depending on the scholarship, grant or loan, would transfer to pay for the housing portion of their tuition. 

    The 800 students that were placed in off-campus apartments must still follow the rule of transportation, which are no cars.   However, because of this rule, FAMU renewed their contract and proposed for the new routes of Venom Express 1(V1) and Venom Express 2 (V2). V2, as it states on the buses, extends its route down Adams Street.

    Now both freshmen and upperclassmen can enjoy the luxury of getting to campus faster.

     Sandifer said that renovating the rest of the residence halls on campus would be excellent for everyone because resident halls aren’t guaranteed.