Crist appointees lack credentials

There’s a saying that goes: “if you want something done right, make sure you do it yourself.” Gov. Charlie Christ is obviously looking to prove that saying wrong. His strategy seems to be, if you want something done right, send your inexperienced clone to do it.

In light of U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez’s retirement, Christ has chosen to appoint attorney George LeMieux as a replacement. LeMieux, a close personal advisor and political “maestro” according to Christ, will be representing Florida with “strong conservative values.”

…What else?

Conservative values are nice for a Republican, and it’s possible for a Democrat to live with Republican representation. However it’s impossible for anyone to live with someone who does not have the experience to represent them.

 LeMieux’s one and only real credential is that he’s Christ’s personal buddy. Having never held political office, he’s obviously blind to what the people truly want; otherwise they would have elected him. Three years ago, LeMieux even managed to lose an election in Broward County.

This is just another case of fools picking fools to do foolish jobs in places where the best and brightest have to rule. This isn’t just a Republican problem, Democrats make foolish decisions and pick their poker buddies for office too. The problem is truly becoming a nuisance.

The term “cronyism” is being heard far too often lately, and this country is supposed to be on the rebound. The Obama era has to be different from the Bush era, and Christ is setting a poor example for future change.

Think back to elementary school, the strongest and fastest kids were always picked first for dodge ball, and if a person’s friend was weak or scrawny, he had to wait a minute to get picked. Politics should be the same way.

Right now, America is sitting in the penalty box.