Trifling Indeed: Gold Digging Still Reigns

College is the place where young men and women come to secure their futures financially by obtaining an education; however, completing a college degree can be costly.

Students these days support themselves financially in a variety of ways: old-fashioned labor, scholarships, or their parents. A number of women find it easier to obtain financial security through their love interests.

“[I would expect] two out of five women on Florida A&M University’s campus [to be] gold diggers,” according to Cornelius Gordon, 24, a criminal justice student from Quincy, Fla., a popular dictionary of American, urban slang classifies a gold digger as any woman whose primary interest in a relationship is material benefits–a woman who cares more about a man’s bank account than she does about the man.

In this situation, men are usually the victims or known as “meal tickets” because they are expected to pay for everything-the only responsibility the woman has, is to be stunningly beautiful and use the proper bait to reel in such a man.

The poor schmucks often go into the relationship completely blind to the fact they are being taken advantage off-at least at first.

“The girls who constantly scream they are independent, are the main ones who call begging me to pay for their personal expenses such as getting their hair and nails done,” said Gordon.

Aerial Rome, 21, a business administration student from Miami agrees. “A lot of girls on [FAMU’s] campus are gold diggers, but they will never admit it,” said Rome.

Rome acknowledges the practice or tradition for men to pick up the bill at social gatherings such as dinner has changed. However, she admits to being “old-fashioned” when it comes to dating.

“I believe the man should always pick up the tab,” said Rome.

At any rate, this ideal scenario may not always be achievable. It is understood that college students do not always have the funds to support themselves, let alone, support another individual.

According to the Office of Student Financial Aid, over 90 percent of FAMU students received some form of financial aid during the 2008-2009 academic school year. They awarded over $120 million in student aid to FAMU students last year alone.

But despite the tough economy and heavy dependence on financial aid, some ladies refuse to turn away from tradition and adopt modern dating principles.

“I expect guys to pay for movies, dinners, shopping, and gas,” said Alena Smith, 18, a nursing student from Jacksonville, Fla.

For couples in college, it is more realistic to split expenses when it comes to dating. However, Gordon spends about $300 a month on his girlfriend-but he would not mind being “wined and dined” himself.

Even though gold diggers are not always females, the vast majority are. Be warned guys! If the young lady is more interested in what can be purchased for her, she probably isn’t the one seeking a genuine relationship.

But as the late great Ray Charles so eloquently put it in the 1954 hit, “I Got a Woman,”: “She takes my money when I’m in need, yea she’s a trifling friend indeed, oh she’s a gold digger that digs on me…” This is all bad. Keep your eyes open guys and don’t fall for the gold digging females that lurk in the shadows!

“It is nice when a woman takes me out,” said Gordon. “I appreciate her so much more.”