Letters signal new beginnings (part 2)

 In a rush to wrap things up, I realized I never ended my term as editor-in-chief with the standard goodbye letter.

      After a short but bittersweet four months and 40 issues later, my reign as EIC came to a close last spring.

      So as I welcome a close friend into the top spot and pass the torch to a perfectly capable and solid administration, I also wanted to take this opportunity to say goodbye, officially.

      Through all of the newsworthy drama surrounding the grade change case, student senators going AWOL, and the typical election craze that sweeps the campus each spring, I was privileged to lead a staff that never missed a beat.

      From the exciting and enterprising coverage of the presidential inauguration to the community’s response to our ever-changing economy, The Famuan was there.

      The biggest goal I had in mind when taking on the task of running one of the most accomplished black collegiate newspapers, was to leave it better than how I found it and to leave it in competent hands.

      With all honesty and complete sincerity I can say, “Mission accomplished.”

      But none of it would be possible without the help of my staff.

      Despite the demanding extracurricular endeavor I pursued during my term, I remain thankful for a patient staff and an advisor that was always there. Though sometimes in a begrudgingly close but always caring way, he was there. 

      So I won’t bore you with the details of our first time sending the paper off to be printed. Because no matter how long and nerve wrecking that evening was, none of that matters as long as you read the finished product.

      My sleepless nights and hours of reviewing stories until the wee hours of the morning were part of my service to my beloved university and all of its constituents.

      To the incumbent EIC, I’m proud of you in advance and I love you, soror. To the campus, thank you for the opportunity to inform you.