FAMU alumna beats on MTV dance show

Everybody has an It factor ,which is the ability to capture the attention of audiences and wow them with unspeakable talent. This It factor for Porche Anthony is the art of dance.

The 22-year-old Florida A&M University graduate is a member of the D.C. based hip-hop dance crew Beat Ya Feet Kings. Anthony has always had larger than life dreams and is now achieving those dreams in a way she never thought imaginable.

At the tender age of two, Anthony began dancing for a D.C. company Rejoice. In this group, she perfected her skills in jazz, ballet, and African-style dance.

Dancing followed her to college in 2005. As a freshman, Anthony won the talent showcase, and later joined a Maryland-based dance group.

“I’m proud to see a fellow Rattler representing the university and doing well beyond FAMU,” said Kyla Agumagu, a third-year criminal justice student from Miami.

Anthony gave birth to a baby girl in 2007 and decided to return home. While at home, she discovered that people were still “beating their feet,” a dance that started in 1999 and ended in 2004.

Having a daughter did not discourage Anthony from the passion she had for dancing. It only made her strive to be the best she could be in all aspects of dance.

In December 2007 she began dancing for a company named Cultural Shock.

While a member of Cultural Shock, she linked up with a choreographer Lyle Beninga. Anthony and Beninga got together and put on a showcase in which Anthony participated even though she was sick.

Determined to get through the show but only able to perform the first half, Anthony “beat her feet” like no other and was exceptional–not knowing the ‘Kings’ of Beat Ya Feet dance crew were in attendance.

After the show, a few of the members came up to her and told her how well she had done and asked her would she like to attend one of their rehearsals.

Skipping out on her rehearsal with Cultural Shock in May 2008, she attended a Beat Ya Feet Kings rehearsal. She didn’t hear from their manager until 2009-after receiving a call back, she knew her career with Culture Shock was over.

Students on campus are pleased with the positive exposure FAMU is receiving.

Derek Connelly, a third year general studies student from St. Peterberg, Fla., feels Anthony’s presence on the show “gives good exposure to FAMU and helps shed positive light on our school as a whole.”

At the beginning of the summer, Beat Ya Feet Kings auditioned for “Americas Best Dance Crew” in New York. In July, Beat Ya Feet Kings received a phone call ensuring they were selected to be on ABDC.

“I am more proud of my group than I am of myself, those guys have grown and matured into a better and stronger group–they had thoughts way beyond their wildest dreams, and now they are watching those dreams manifest,” said Anthony.

Anthony feels the education she received at FAMU has been vital in shaping her career as a dancer-she received her B.A. in psychology this past spring.

“[My education from FAMU] gave me the ability to network and understand politics. ABDC consists of nothing but politics,” added Anthony.

Be sure to catch Anthony and her crewmates in action every Sunday night on MTV at 9 p.m. EST.

“FAMU will either make you or break you, and for that, I will forever be a Rattler.”