Track star finishes season with strong determination and heart

It was in the seventh grade where Antoinette Suer, a track and field athlete, discovered her passion for the sport.

“I like basketball and thought about trying out for the team, but I had a change of heart when I discovered that I was faster than the other girls and decided to make the transition,” said Suer, a criminal justice student from Ft. Lauderdale.

This has proven to work in her favor earning her a full athletic scholarship to Florida A&M University. Suer said she has come to enjoy the sport a great deal.

“[I like] the intensity and challenge,” Suer said. “[I like] knowing that the outcome is unpredictable until the last second of the race.”

The athlete, who was nicknamed “Dare Devil” by her high school coach due to her willingness to participate in any event available, said that since her high school days she has learned a variety of techniques for playing basketball.    

Jeanette Hulse, a teammate, has been running with Suer since middle school and said that she is a hard worker.

“She’s  shows great determination and heart, she progresses in everything she’s involved in,” said Hulse a, criminal justice student from Fort Lauderdale.

Aside from her great work ethic on the track, Hulse also said that Suer has a great attitude and is a good friend.

Ashley Gillis, another teammate, said that since meeting Suer four years ago she’s served as a great team captain.

“She proved to be a great leader, that encourages the team by showing them they can do it, keeping us together and pushing them to work hard” said Gillis, a health science student from Pompano Beach.

Outside of the sport, Philicia Morgan education student from Fort Lauderdale said as the team captain Suer has a great sense of humor and loves to dance to entertain the team from time to time.

Suer said she feels track and field has played a major part in her life and now it is time for her to move on.

“It was fun while it last, but I just have lost the passion for it and it’s time to move on,” she said. 

Moving on is exactly what she will do with plans of obtaining her Masters in philosophy and pursuing a doctorate in criminology this individual has her head in the sky and plans to become a future CEO of a company.

Suer, who has worked hard to perfect her craft, said she does have advice for future athletes.

“Find your passion and never give up on your dreams,” she said. “Just be patient because nothing happens overnight. Growing up a lot of people doubted me and I’ve proved them all wrong.”