Toddler treated like leper because of rare condition

Imagine not being able to feed or dress yourself.

Imagine not being able to touch other people or even hug your loved ones. Now, imagine not being able to do all of those things, and imagine being only a toddler. 

People sometimes take life’s most simple pleasures for granted, and the story of two-year-old Ellie Tavani will put everything back in perspective.

According to an article from CNN, the Atlanta toddler has a medical condition that is so rare that doctors have only heard of it.

Tavani has Epidermolysis Bullosa, which causes severe and painful blistering at even the slightest touch.  Even a hug or soft caress can bring her excruciating and uncomfortable pain. And the worst part is that the doctors said there is no treatment or cure for her condition.

Within the article, Andrew and Shawn Tavani said they are working very hard to make sure she has a normal life. But it’s hard.

Tavani has no fingernails and her skins looks like its been burned. She will have to be treated like a severe burn victim for the rest of her life.

Her father said she is missing a protein in her body that causes her skin to heal itself.  Any amount of friction makes her skin separate and blister.

Tavani is bandaged tightly and she must be rewrapped and changed every night. It was mentioned in the article that her parents pay about $5,000 every month on bandages and special care for their child.

The Park Tavern in downtown Atlanta hosted a fundraiser for Tavani and her family to raise $40,000 for research, treatment and hopefully a cure.

People, appreciate what you have; no matter how insignificant you think it may be.  

Skyy Sandifer for the Editorial Board.