Ten tickets allotment adequate

 Many graduates have complained about the recent ticket requirement for the May 3 graduation ceremony featuring speaker former President Bill Clinton.

According to The Famuan, each registered graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Architecture, the Environmental Science Institute, and the College of Law will receive 10 tickets.

Now I’m not a graduate or a major in any of those fields but 10 tickets seems to suffice.

I have heard the grievances of several graduates saying they promised dozens of family members and friends’ tickets to their graduation.

It is understandable that if, like many graduates, you come from outside of the state this may be an inconvenience to those who have already made travel arrangements.

If you don’t need all 10 of your tickets, please share, don’t sell.

Remember it is your colleague’s special moment, too.

Clinton was a highly regarded president and promises to be a good speaker.

It is not surprising that there is a ticket requirement.

The public would crowd the ceremony, taking all the seating and parking, before even the proudest and most dedicated mother could arrive.

There are seats still available for the public so if students have more people than tickets permit, then I’d suggest arriving as early as possible.   

This is probably a test run for future graduations.

I predict that future graduations will have similar or stricter requirements.

For our graduating seniors, parking will be crazy, be sure to prepare for parking and seat saving issues.

Faran Foy for the Editorial Board.