Comedy to release soon

Donald Faison (Scrubs), Mike Epps (Next Friday) and Wood Harris (The Wire) team up in the upcoming film  “Next Day Air.” Faison stars as a hapless deliveryman who finds himself at the center of a drug deal gone bad. Life isn’t going smoothly for him.  He still lives at home, he just broke up with his co-worker girlfriend (Lauren London) and his own mother is threatening to fire him. But he isn’t one to let a few bad breaks ruin his day because he has something “special” to take his mind off his troubles. 
The three stars granted interviews and were energetic and excited to provide us with the inside scoop. Catch it in theaters May 8.


Q: How was it working with Mike Epps?

A: “It’s always a pleasure. You’re always going to get a good performance no matter what. He’s great.” 

Q: What inspired you to become an actor?

A: “I wanted to be Hon Solo growing up. I wanted to save the galaxy, get the girl and kick butt. I learned at a very young age that only happens in the movie.” 


Q: Who is your favorite person?

A: “Ice Cube. He was so healthy and essential to my career.” 

Q: What do you want to say to Tallahassee?

A: “I‘m coming Tallahassee! I love Tallahassee, you know I‘m a Rattler at heart.” 


Q: Have you ever considered branching out beyond acting and theatre?

A: “I‘m getting my doctorate now. I‘m a medical ambassador of heath in L.A. I‘m all about helping the black and Latin community become more health conscious. Most people don’t know that about me.”

Q: How do you feel about “Next Day Air?”

A: “I‘m in it, and I‘m also one of the producers, so I‘m very excited.”