Top 8 Famuans you should know

1 Joe Womack III, Atlanta.                                                                                                     CEO of                                                                              Graduation Year: Spring 2003
What I Love About FAMU: The Talent |The Social Life | Beta Nu
How I Got My Rep:
Next Move: Continue to transform into an event marketing hub with social media and marketing analytics functionality. Quite simply, we want to make event marketing more science than art.
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2 Jimmy Jones, Atlanta. 
Graduation Year: Spring 2001
What I Love About FAMU: Then, the networking, the people that I met. Thirty percent of the people that I do business with are FAMU graduates.
Now, it’s the pride that FAMU alumni have.
How I Got My Rep: When I came back home (Atlanta) I noticed the only way people found out about events was through flyers and radio. In 2003, my partner and I started a little happy hour and every day during lunch we would take clipboards and ask them for their emails. We gained 5,000 emails, started a database and sent out newsletters about professional events.
Next Move: Recently, we have expanded and acquired affiliates in seven other cities and we are launching We plan on partnering with another company for national email marketing and creating affordable social networking solutions for small businesses.
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3 LaTanya White, Tallahassee, Fla.                                                                                Owner 71 Proof, LLC.
Graduation Year: Spring 2003
What I Love About FAMU: FAMU cultivates talent. University recruiters identify the most talented high school students and the professors in their respective departments really help those talents grow.
How I Got My Rep: One of my sorority sisters asked me to bartend her birthday party and I had so much fun, I decided to pursue it further. I left pharmaceutical sales to pursue bartending as an entrepreneurial venture and that’s how 71 Proof came about (71 is my line number).
Next Move: I just graduated from the Wine, Spirits and Beverage Management Program at the Art Institute of Tampa; I will be using that degree to expand my business to a brick-and-mortar presence here in Tallahassee.
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4    Darius Graham, Berkely, Calif.                                                                                 Berkley Law School Student
Graduation Year: Spring 2006
What I Love About FAMU: FAMU made me who I am.  Because of the students and faculty at FAMU that saw something in me and encouraged me, I now have the opportunity to do the same for others.  Fortunately, my story is not unique.
How I Got My Rep: From my experiences on the mock trial team and in SGA, I focused on attending law school and ended up at UC Berkeley School of Law.  The work that I did with the literacy program got me hooked on community service as a way to address problems in various communities.  As a result I wrote a book, titled Being the Difference, about people who give back to their communities in unique ways.
Next Move: After spending the summer studying for, and taking, the Bar exam, I’ll spend a few months traveling and volunteering abroad and promoting my book.  After that I’ll be moving to Washington, DC to work at a law firm and continuing my community involvement.
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5 Dwamina K. Drew, Chicago.                                                                          Founder/Creative Engineer of Enstru-mental
Graduation Year: Spring 2002
What I Love About FAMU: Growing up in one particular region (south side of Chicago) for most of one’s life can minimize your social outlook.  Meeting individuals with different perceptions and humanistic dispositions can broaden your mental horizon and stimulate your plan(s) for action.
How I Got My Rep: I’m a humble individual, so I won’t say that I or Enstrumental Clothing has a rep; I try to create products that force onlookers to consciously step outside of their ideological comfort zones.  Each product tells a story in a sense . . .
Next Move: I am preparing for a third collaboration with rapper Lupe Fiasco.  Enstrumental will also be doing another collaboration of “RAP – LIES” T-shirts featuring a major artist. The new line will be dropping in late May 2009.  So . . . be on the lookout, fresher produce shall come forth – Think Fast, Act Quicker!
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6  Lauren Grant, MBA, New York, N.Y.                                                             Communications Manager for The Nielsen Company
Graduation Year: Spring 2007
What I Love About FAMU: There’s a certain camaraderie among all HBCU grads and especially FAMUans. For the past 2 years I have been moving from city to city with my company and have had established networks as soon as I arrived based on the FAMU connection. Community Service, SGA, pledging my beloved Sorority…if there was anywhere I wanted to make a difference I was able to.
How I Got My Rep: Networking has also always been important to me and has paid off well in my career. The more people you can meet, in any capacity, DO IT!
Next Move: If anything, I’d say my next move would be to continue with The Nielsen Company (my current employer) for a few more years. The thing I’m most passionate about right now is giving back to my alma mater and encouraging others to do the same.
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7 Scott Parker, Los Angeles.                                                                                             CEO of Tru Results
Graduation Year: Spring 1992
What I Love About FAMU: I love the fact that FAMU instills the importance of independent thinking in all of its students.  FAMU creates leaders, not followers.
How I Got My Rep: I helped Tisha Campbell lose 85 pounds after her first child.  Five years ago is when it all started.
Next Move: My next move is shooting downloadable workouts for iTunes featuring myself and David Banner.  After that, two downloadable videos featuring Hollywood moms Sallie Richardson and Tisha Campbell.
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8 Maria Thomas, Washington, D.C.                                                                                White House Office Staff Assistant
Graduation Year: Spring 2006
What I Love About FAMU: When growing up in my hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, you cannot help but appreciate the diversity and many cultures the FAMU love exposes to all students.  The SBI program and professors played a very influential role in my growth at FAMU because of the program’s well-rounded foundation.
How I Got My Rep: My journey with Obama for America started in 2007 when I worked as a Field Organizer in Iowa. After the Indiana primary, I moved to our campaign headquarters in Chicago and served as a  Senior Accountant. I later served as an Accountant on the Obama-Biden Transition Team that lead to the start of my career with the White House.  Today, I serve as an assistant within White House Operations.
Next Move: My next move is to learn more on how to assist the president by using my Accounting skills and going line by line through budgets within the Office of Management and Budget and the Department of Defense.