Negligent parents tempt fate and endanger children

I’m sick of all these irresponsible “parents.” 

Lousy excuses for adults that have kids just because they aren’t smart enough to use protection. 

I really can’t stand these people bringing children into the world and then thinking they aren’t completely responsible for them.

Newsflash:  Once you have a child, your life and happiness take a backseat to the life and happiness of the person you helped create.

Some people simply aren’t cut out to be parents. 

They can’t handle responsibility, or they are just plain stupid and aren’t capable of taking proper care of themselves, let alone a child.

Casey Anthony is a prime example of what not to do when you’re a parent. 

This Loony Toon enjoyed the spotlight and was zero help in finding a daughter that she more than likely had a hand in murdering.

The long list of junk parents goes on and on, and the latest inductees in the Horrible Parents Hall of Fame have to be the parents of 12-year-old Jacob Larson. 

These wonderful people “forgot” about their .25-caliber gun in the closet.

It’s a gun, how do you forget about it?  How do you forget that there’s a deadly weapon in your house when you have a child in the house?

Where is the nurturing instinct?  Where are those feelings and emotions that decent parents claims to have for their child or children?

Of course, their inquisitive Jacob found it and shot himself in the head. 

He is alive, in stable condition, and probably furious that his parents didn’t have the foresight to say “Hey, guns hurts people and there’s one in the closet.”

Kids are by-products of their parents’ mistakes and accomplishments. 

If a kid shoots himself, who’s really to blame?

Jordan Culver for the Editorial Board.