Feel good music helps listeners tune into emotions

At the beginning of the spring semester I took a trip to “The Set.”

Suddenly the song “Stanky Leg” by GS Boys began to play.  It seemed like everyone stopped socializing to do the dance.

Yes, girls and guys alike were doing this silly dance and I have to admit I did it too.

However, later I started hearing negative comments about the song.

People were saying it was stupid and made hip-hop look bad.

Some even generalized Texas rappers saying that none of them are “real” artist because of this one song.

This made me realize that some people fail to understand the importance of music.

Music is for entertainment purposes. It helps make a person feel a certain way, whether it is happy, sad or depressed.

For example, the purpose of gospel music is for worship and to lift one’s spirits.

Smooth R&B, on the other hand, is made to help someone appreciate his or her significant other or future significant other.

For instance, when Musiq Soulchild sung “Teach Me How to Love,” he was not just speaking for himself.

He was saying that some of us need help getting closer to our loved ones.

Although it taught a lesson, it still was entertainment.

I know this because years ago people like Betty Wright were singing about the exact same thing.

Wright just sung it differently.  She talked about the “clean-up” woman taking her man because she neglected him.

Music that is sexually suggestive has a purpose too.

Back in the day Marvin Gaye knew exactly what was going to happen after he made the song “Sexual Healing.”

No matter how smooth or raunchy the lyrics get, this kind of music will always have a purpose–getting people in the mood.

But many forget about “feel good” music. “Feel Good” music has no purpose except to take people away from their problems and make them feel free.

Lil John became famous for “feel good” songs when he screamed, shouted and made no sense. The “Stanky Leg” is precisely this. It is a “feel good” song.

The more we do this dance, the more we feel better, even if we look stupid.

Sometimes looking stupid is fun.

So, to those that do not like the “Stanky Leg,” try doing the dance just one time.
You might feel silly but you’ll laugh and feel good. 

And while you’re at it, shake that “woop-da-dee-do.”

Lashuntrice Bradley is a senior year broadcast student from Houston. She can be reached at famuanopinions@gmail.com