Plump passengers pay a pretty penny on plane

Fat people who ride United Airlines may have to pay for an extra ticket when riding.

Sounds harsh, doesn’t it?

Now, we are not talking about a few extra pounds.

According to United Airways, this policy applies to people who don’t fit in a regular seat, people who can’t put the armrest down or people who can’t buckle the seat belt even with an extension.

United Airways implemented the policy after receiving over 700 complaints last year on this particular topic.

This isn’t a little issue, it’s BIG!

Though it may seem a tad mean-spirited, riding next to an obese individual isn’t only uncomfortable- it can be dangerous in certain situations.

Many will agree that this policy is sound, but as with anything, you have your detractors.

The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (Look it up, it’s legit) has said that this policy is just another way to discriminate against obese people.

With any lobbyist group, they tend to only have their interest at hand and not the general public’s.

It is highly doubtful that United Airways enacted this policy to belittle those who are obese.
They are looking out for their business and their customers.

And besides, not allowing blacks into a country club is discrimination.

Not allowing gays to adopt is discrimination.

The common denominator?

These are things people cannot change.

But charging a person extra because of their weight is fair.

Don’t like the rule, lose some weight.

Wesley Martin for the Editorial board.