Some faculty feel FAMU’s new policy is arbitrary

Florida A&M University is one the most prestigious Historically Black Universities of today.

Within the past few years, like many institutions, it has experienced some problems.

Despite what some may call a lack of poor administration, the university has continued to strive for superiority.

According to an article on, Maurice Holder, trustee and president of the faculty senate, was unhappy after receiving word that FAMU would be experiencing a policy change.

The policy would require annual performance evaluations for both FAMU faculty members and six FAMU executives.

Holder, felt the passing of the policy was unfair because the faculty did not have a chance to review the document, which “takes away the rights of the faculty.”

Although the Florida statutes had already agreed with the new policy change and the university wanted to quickly update the policy to comply with FAMU’s accrediting board, Holder still felt that the faculty should have been notified.

What seems to be the problem in this particular situation is not how the trustees communicate with the faculty, but how well they come to an agreement.

Like any family, some universities will experience disagreements about how situations are handled.  

Yet, what truly makes the difference is their ability to agree and disagree respectfully.

Although, one of the members may not have concurred with their partners, the good of the university was put forth first.  

At the end of the day, the only real thing that matters is that the university continues to strive for excellence with caring.

Letitia Skippings for the Editorial Board.